Benefit: Color variation

Which color do you want today? Find your favorite color here!

Benefit: Easy to wear

Just 3 steps! Very easy to use!

wear the sling across your, place your baby in the sling and cover your baby's back and hips

Your baby straddles the side of your body.

To ensure comfort and safety, make sure that the SUPPORi covers your shoulder and your baby's back and hips.

Benefit: Comfortable to your shoulder

Traditional carriers may cause stiff shoulders and other related baby carrier injuries. SUPPORi alleviates these types of injuries.

shoulder muscle

  1. Conventional Baby carriers: Trapezius muscle
  2. SUPPORi: Deltoid muscle

Conventional baby carriers support baby's weight with the trapezius muscle. This muscle is not strong. Besides, there are lots of blood vessels under this muscle, making it weak in terms of carrying a baby's weight. Wearers will rapidly suffer from stiff shoulders and related discomfort.

pressure distribution on the shoulder

SUPPORi supports baby's weight with the deltoid muscle. This muscle is very strong, thus more comfortably to carry the weight of your baby for longer periods. In addition, the knit structure can stretch over your shoulder snugly, thus staying in position.

Benefit: High air-permeability, Ultra light and compact body

  1. Air permeability releases baby's heat. Your baby won't easily get sweaty.

    Conventional baby carriers are not very permeable. As such, when a baby gets sweaty, it can be a very uncomfortable ride during summer. In extreme conditions, the lack of permeability can cause heat rashes. Because of SUPPORi's whole mesh structure, this is avoided.

    close up of the net, this gives high air permeability

  2. Mother's have enough things to carry around. SUPPORi is light and compact!

    a hand with a rolled up Suppori and 80 gram or half the weight of an iphone4

Benefit: Safety - Made in Japan

Safety is our priority!

high quality yarn and loom

For safety, only the best is good enough.

Material: We choose ultra-durable yarn which is used in the automotive industry. In addition, we use triple three plied thread to achieve maximum strength.

Production: we use the latest, state of the art weaving machines.

Inspection: We inspect all the items in Japan in order not to miss small defects.



Users comments

two mothers with their baby's

SUPPORi fits very comfortably to me and my baby!

I'd had a baby carrier already. However, it doesn't fit well and is also too big. So, I was considering to buy another one. I bought SUPPORi because it's reasonably priced and looks very cute! SUPPORi, fits to my shoulder and baby's hip very well. Furthermore, it's so simple to use! As my baby looks happy with SUPPORi, I'll use it more often.

When I use a baby stroller, my baby sometimes starts to cry suddenly. In such a situation, "SUPPORi" is very convenient as I can wear it very quickly!

I always have to carry my baby because she starts crying easily when I put her in the baby stroller. Conventional baby carriers take time wear, but SUPPORi does don't need time; It's very easy to wear, so I can carry my baby quickly! In addition, original baby carriers are bulky, but SUPPORi is very compact! I just hang it on the handle of my baby car. Now, I take SUPPORi everywhere.

SUPPORi receives high praise abroad

SUPPORi wins Naissance Award at "Playtime Paris"

prix Milk NaissanceMilk, the leading fashion magazine for babies and kids in France, awarded SUPPORi "The Naissance Award", for its outstanding design and usefulness to mothers. This prestigious award was received at the recent Playtime Paris Exhibition for kids and babies. SUPPORi gains ground as praise grows in Europe, USA and Asian countries.

pictures from exbiditions Paris

Fashion magazine "MILK"

Blog in France :Test de SUPPORi

PlayTime Paris

SUPPORi won the Naissance (Birth) Award in 2011!

logo small playtimePlaytime Paris is a well renowned exhibition for baby and children's fashion and accessories. Various well known brands participate in this exhibition.

Why SUPPORI received recognition for its design

SUPPORi won the Naissance (Birth) Award at the recent Playtime Paris Exhibition. SUPPORi's innovative design and color variations were positively reviewed by European mothers. Several positive comments were received, like, "It's compact, but so comfortable!", "I can use it in combination with baby stroller.", "I am going to recommend it to my husband!"

Press Release in various media publications: Akasugu, FQ Japan, etc.

two fathers with their baby's using Suppori

In Japan, "IKUMEN" refers to fathers who play a significant part in child care. As IKUMEN is increasing, so is SUPPORi's popularity amongst fathers, who find it extremely useful and easy.

SUPPORi has become the latest hot topic in various child care magazines. Because of its simplicity and comfort, it can be used by mothers, fathers, grandparents and caregivers.


Press Releases

screenshot FQ magazine

・FQ JAPAN (Bible for childcare to fathers) 2011 SUMMER・  


Good Design Award

SUPPORi was the only baby carrier winning the Good Design Award in 2010!

bn_good_s.gifOrganized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), the Good Design Award is a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design. The first award, presented in 1957, was out of the belief that design was essential in breaking out of the cycle of poverty in Japan. In the pursuit of prosperous living and industrial development, the Good Design Award has since been presented in recognition of exceptional designs. The Good Design Award is a highly respected and celebrated award.

Why SUPPORi received Good Design Award

SUPPORi won the Good Design Award in 2010. SUPPORi was the only baby carrier recognized for its design that year. SUPPORi has lots of superior points which overcomes conventional baby carriers' problems- "Easy to use", "Compact", "Molds around baby and parents' shape"

Good design award 2010 in Japan Playtime award 2011 in Paris

Size Table

(to serve only as a guide)

Under-bust measurements

~ 29.5 inch 29.5 inch ~ 33.5 inch 33.5 inch ~ 39.4 inch 39.4 inch ~


57 inch ~63 inch M M/L L  
63 inch ~68.9 inch M/L L LL  
68.9 inch ~ 72.8 inch L/LL LL LL  
70.8 inch ~74.8 inch     3L 3L/4L
74.8 inch ~     4L 4L

Material: 100% Polyester, structure: Knit

Made in Japan


washing instructions for Suppori

  • Machine wash: Gentle wash with 104°F / 40ºC degrees water. Use laundry net.
  • Use a mild detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softener.
  • Gently rinse out the water and re-shape the carrier. Lay flat to dry in the shade.


  • Do not dry in the dryer. Do not iron. No dry cleaning.
  • Wash separately as the carrier may bleed.