Benefit: Wide shoulder net reduces the burden on your shoulder!

KANTAN NET, which recorded a total sales of more than hundred thousands, has been improved!

Wide shoulder net reduces the burden on your shoulder! Besides, it avoids the net slipping down by widely covering your shoulder.

schema kantan net plus

  1. Wide shoulder belt

    It perfectly fits the user's shoulder.

  2. The length is easily adjustable with the adjuster buckle

    Size chart for users:

    <S size> Height: 145 - 160 cm, Under bust : around 80 cm

    <M size> Height : 150 - 175 cm, Under bust : around 100 cm

    <L size> Height : 170 - 190 cm, Under bust : around 120 cm

    Recommended age: For a baby who can sit up him/herself, 6 months old (7 kg/ 15 lbs) ~36 months old (15 kg/ 33 lbs)

  3. Stretch Net

    The stretchy net fits and supports the baby's bottom very well.


schema shoulder musles

  1. Conventional Baby carriers: Trapezius muscle
  2. KANTAN NET Plus: Deltoid muscle

Conventional baby carriers support the baby's weight with the trapezius muscle. This muscle is not strong. Besides, there are lots of blood vessels under this muscle, making it weak in terms of carrying a baby's weight. Wearers will suffer from stiff shoulders and related discomfort easily.

close up of the buckle from kantan net plus

KANTAN NET Plus supports the baby's weight with the deltoid muscle. This muscle is very strong, thus more comfortable to carry the baby's weight for longer periods. In addition, the knit structure can stretch over your shoulder snugly, thus staying in position.

Benefit: Easy adjustment function with the adjuster buckle

Easy adjustment with the adjuster buckle

close up of the adjustable buckle

The original KANTAN NET used a ring to adjust the length. So, sometimes the clothes got twisted in the buckle. This has been improved with the KANTAN NET Plus by using an adjuster buckle that is very easy to use.

The adjuster buckle can support a weight well above 70 kg.

Just two steps to use it!

  1. first icon on how to use kantan net plus

    Wear the sling across your body

    - Widen the shoulder strap to fit your shoulder.

    - Use the buckle to adjust the sling until it reaches the desired carrying position, then lengthen a little further so you'll be able to put your baby in easily.

  2. second icon on how to use kantan net plus

    Place your baby in the sling

    - The baby's legs should pass through the sling so that it tucks under their bottom and he/she straddles your hip.

    - Widen the sling to cover the baby's hip and your shoulder.

    - While adjusting the sling, support your baby's weight with your hand.

Benefit: Quality

A head line?

KantanNet Plus is a simple product, but the sewing is very important. Also the buckle has to be strong enough to support the baby's weight. We use made in Japan YKK buckles. In our factory, highly skilled sewing experts manufacture our baby slings. Afterwards every item is going through an additional inspection to avoid any production error.

highly skilled worker is sewing kantan net plus

Users comments

farther with baby using kantan net plus

My son started to walk by himself, so we don't need a large babycarrier any more. KANTAN NET Plus is very compact! I can put it in my pocket and take it anywhere! It's also very easy to use. It has a wide shoulder belt, so I feels very comfortable. 

My son also loves it!

Press release in various media publications. Akasugu, FQ Japan etc.

family at the dining table with kantan net plus

In Japan "IKUMEN" refers to fathers who play a significant part in child care. As IKUMEN is increasing, many fathers find KANTAN NET PLUS extremely useful and easy.

Feeding bottles, nappies, changing clothes..., there's a lot of stuff in mother's bag. KANTAN NET Plus is small and fits virtually anywhere.

It's also very useful in combination with a baby stroller. As soon as your baby cries, you can take out the sling and carry your baby quickly.


Press Releases

screenshot FQ magazine

  • FQ JAPAN (Bible for child care to farthers 2012 MARCH)
  • AKASUGU April issue

Size Chart for users:

<S size> Height : 145 - 160 cm, Under bust :  ~ 80 cm

<M size> Height : 150 - 175 cm, Under bust : ~ 100 cm

<L Size> Height : 170 - 190 cm, Under bust : ~ 120 cm

Recommended Age:

A baby who can sit up him/herself : 6 months old (7 kg/ 15 lbs) - 36 months old (15 kg/ 33 lbs)


kantan net plus in the colour black and grey

Color: black, grey

Material: Net Part - polyester 100%, Textile part - Nylon 100%

Made in China


  • Hand wash with warm water.
  • Gently rinse out the water, reshaping the carrier, and hang in the shade to drip dry.


  • Do not use a spin dryer or tumble dryer.
  • Wash separately as the carrier may bleed.